This amino acid is also widely used in medicine as part of health treatments, glutamineIt applies in cases of trauma, surgery, major burns and even in cases of psychological changes such as anxiety. Glutamine is the amino acid with the highest concentration in blood plasma, physical exercises cause its concentration to be reduced, this fact negatively affects the performance and recovery of the individual and for this reason it is welcome to professional athletes and also practitioners of physical activity. It has great importance in the synthesis of proteins and is indispensable for the healthy functioning of our body. Intense physical exercises are benefited with the consumption of the product, helping in the recovery of the immune system and also offering the glycogen used by the muscles. The positives don't stop there.


If you're looking for a complete supplement to aid your workout results, glutamine may be the perfect option. We always recommends a conversation with the nutritionist you trust to set up the appropriate schedule and identify your needs. For athletes, the presence of glutamine in the diet helps with post-workout recovery and reducing oxidative stress. It also acts in the modulation of the expression of genes that are involved with the synthesis and degradation of proteins. A lack of glutamine can decrease cells' resistance to injury, for example.


Always follow the instructions of your nutritionist, after all, the amount of each supplement should vary according to the needs presented by your own body. Several aspects are considered, including their routine activities, their body composition and their diet. The general recommendation is 0.1 to 0.3 grams of glutamine for every pound of fat-free weight. Another brand recommendation is that glutamine be consumed together with a protein source of high biological value. This is because, when consumed alone, it ends up being absorbed by the cells of the gastrointestinal system and does not fulfill its function efficiently.


Mixing with thermogenics is possible, as long as this fits within the advice of your nutritionist. The classic combination is glutamine with whey proteins. In addition to this supplement, it is also worth consuming it with BCAAs or leucine, ensuring that glutamine structures are strengthened. It is indicated to make use of the amino acid at the end of the training, along with the whey protein shake . To learn how to take glutamine and enjoy all its benefits, consult your nutritionist.

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