Investing in muscle mass also demands knowing a number of different supplements for each schedule and routine. This is the case of casein, obtained from milk as well as whey protein , but which has characteristics that benefit the athlete in a different way. Despite having the same raw material, casein acts in our body in a different way and, therefore, has aroused the interest of many people. It is a protein structure that mainly presents colloidal particles, called micelles. This generates the name micellar casein and guarantees a differentiated action in our body.


What sets micellar casein apart is both the ingredient selection and the advanced manufacturing process. It is an important supplement for athletes looking for hypertrophy and quality of life. This product also offers a good amount of amino acids and has a slower digestion time, allowing the protein to be gradually absorbed into our body. This benefits different consumption and training strategies. One of the examples is to enjoy casein in the last meal of the day. In this way, our body uses amino acids gradually during sleep. The result is less catabolism even with hours of fasting.


Because it is a slow-absorbing protein, it is possible to intelligently fit casein into your daily life. Unlike whey protein, it can be ingested throughout the day to ensure better use. It can take about six to eight hours to fully digest, so it won't be as beneficial when taken close to training time. However, in the impossibility of consuming a meal, it can be an excellent substitute.


When choosing between the two types of protein, always keep in mind that supplements must be consumed according to the needs presented by our bodies—your lifestyle. Therefore, the presence of a professional nutritionist is essential to set up a strategy and choosing the best protein. Comparing other types of milk protein, it is worth thinking about the amount you want to invest and your diet schedule. Casein fits in well at times throughout the day and before bed.

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